Terms and Conditions

1. Liability of Carrier: Carrier of the goods shall be reliable for any loss of or damage to goods accepted and transported by the carrier, except as herein provided
2. The customer is entitled to standard insurance protection free of charge. Consignor who chooses replacement value protection must submit declaration form prior to the move date, or the carrier shall be liable for standard insurance protection.

3. In the event flat rate contract, if something happens with no fault of the carrier, the contract shall be considered null and void, consignor will be charged at regular rate by the hour under the new conditions.

4. Carrier shall not transport any items of extraordinary value unless there is a special agreement to do so. Articles including but not limited to documents of value, jewelry, precious metals or stone and any articles with a value of greater than $3,000.00. Any articles of extraordinary value undeclared prior to moving date will be insured as a normal item in standard insurance protection.

5. The carrier reserves the right to request full payment prior to offload. Customer is responsible for all parking tickets and parking fees acquired at place or places during delivery or drop-off and toll if customer request use of toll road. All charges must be paid in cash, certified cheque, money order or agreed terms of credit.
6. Any delay due to the fault of the consignor or customer, will result in a waiting time charge starting at the contracted time at full hourly rate.

7. Customer or consignee is responsible for any wait time at full rate after unloading for unpaid invoice. (Wait time including but not limited to default in payment, lawful intervention)

8. If consignee fails to pay invoice prior to offload, the carrier reserves the right to bring goods back to warehouse. Consignee will then be liable for balance of the moving charge and storage fee. Default of payment more than 30days is subject to sale or disposal of the goods. All at owners expense. Outstanding accounts are subject to seizure of items moved, or other legal means necessary.

9. Carrier is not bound to be liable for any delay outside of carrier’s control. Including but not limited to third party interference, weather and traffic.

10. All payment must be paid in full before any claims can be considered. No carrier is liable for loss or damages of any goods under contract unless a complete claim form is submitted within 7 days after delivery of the goods. The maximum liability under standard insurance protection shall be no more than $0.6 per pound. Jia Jia Moving reserves the right to repair before any compensation is paid.
11. Exceptions from Liability
a) Loss, damage or delay to any of the goods delivered by the carrier due to an Act of God, the Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes or other causes beyond the control of the carrier. Furthermore, loss or damage resulting from an act or fault of the consignor, the owner of the goods, or the consignee, the authority of law or quarantine.

b) Damage to any articles that are packed in bags or not packed, moved and unpacked by the carrier. Furthermore, damage to furniture made with glass, marble or crystal that is not crated and un-crated by the carrier. (Furniture padding is not considering as packing, therefore excluded from liability)

c) Damage to non-boxed mechanicals or electronics and their internal components to either.

d) Damage to any loss of a complete set or unit when only part of such set is damaged or lost, in which event the carrier shall only be liable for repair or recovery of the lost or damaged.

e) Damage to articles picked up or delivered in bad weather or temperature such as, but not limited to rain, hail, snow and extreme cold or hot temperature.

f) Damage or loss to goods in which the consignor or customer is not in attendance during pickup or delivery. Furthermore, customer is responsible for securing safe access at place or places in which they will not be of attendance.

g) Damage to modular furniture includes but not limited to IKEA furniture, and articles made from pressboard, particleboard, wafer board, or similar structured materials.

h) Damage to articles packed in cartons by cosigner, unless carton is physically damaged by carrier or his agent and noted at time of delivery. Unless improperly packed boxes or poor quality corrugated causes this damage.

i) Injury to any non-staff personal including but not limited to the consignor and any of his agents, if they handle or go on any equipment owned, leased or operated by the carrier. Any damage or loss of any articles where consignor or their associates helped load/unload.

12. All claims carry a deductible of $250

13. Carrier reserves the right to verify the weight of a shipment at any government approved scales. The customer with replacement value protection will be charged at the measured weight if it is greater than the weight indicated and attach the weight scale ticket to his copy of the Bill of Lading.

14. Customers are responsible for any lawful repercussions, opportunity costs and any loss or damage or injury to persons or carrier’s property from shipping unannounced explosives or dangerous goods.

15. Client’s payment signature certifies the total payment amount is correct and none of his/her belongings are left in the truck.

16. Any contracts prior to 8:00 am & after 9:00 pm are subject to overtime fee.

17. Travel time is the time it takes to arrive at your residence from our warehouse and the time it takes to return once the job is completed.

18. All contracts will have minimum charge and travel time charge.

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