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Standard Insurance Protection

This plan is our basic plan that we provide free of charge to all our customers. It provides limited liability insurance for your items. Loss or broken items are only covered for $.60 cents per pound of the object. Meaning, if we break a $500 desk that weighs 100 pounds, we are only responsible for $60 (.60 times 100 equals 60) towards the replacement value. We at Jia jia moving only recommend this plan if you have secondary coverage for your goods such as a home owner’s policy that will cover your shipment. we recommend checking with your insurance broker before choosing this policy for your goods.

In order for us to protect your expensive valuables, we are required to charge you insurance fee for all TVs over 52″ and all pianos. The fee is for full coverage on these goods and we will repair or replace these items with the same or like items, or offer a cash settlement based on current market value. Our customers will be notified upon making an appointment on what these charges will be.

Replacement Value Protection

Our replacement value coverage is the most comprehensive plan available for your goods. When choosing our replacement value plan, objects that are lost, damaged, or destroyed will be repaired, replaced with the same or like item, or we will offer a cash settlement of your items. the value of the item is determined by current market value.

Notice of Claim

All payment must be paid in full before any claims can be considered. All claims carry a deductible of $250. No carrier is liable for loss or damages of any goods under contract unless a complete claim form is submitted within 7 days after delivery of the goods. Jia Jia Moving reserves the right to repair before any compensation is paid.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (905)305-1688

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